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Our Services

Our mission

To reduce our dependence on cardboard and provide our customers with sustainable plastic crate alternatives. Our crates can be used thousands of times whereas cardboard gets one or two uses and then ends up in a landfill harming the environment.

How it works

You choose the package that works for you and once the invoice is paid we will deliver your crates within 24 hours! Our deliveries are always free within a 35 mile radius of Greensboro, NC! We can deliver to as far as Raleigh or Charlotte but there will be an additional charge.

Preserving Trees

The damage caused to our environment from cardboard production far outweighs any perceived cost benefits. Cardboard contributes to deforestation, creates greenhouse gases when in landfills, and pollutes the earth when not properly disposed of.

Pack & Move at Your Own Pace

Once delivered you will enjoy the ease of using our crates along with included free zip-ties and labels! Also included is at least one free four wheeled dolly which makes moving multiple boxes at once simple for anyone! Whether you do your own move or hire movers, you will be glad you chose Great Crates!

Sustainable Packing Solutions

Our plastic crates ensure that your move will be more eco-friendly by eliminating your need for cardboard! Not only that, but our crates have attached interlocking lids which means there is no need for tape! The crates are also virtually indestructible and will last for years!

Pick up

Once you have settled into your new place, we will come back out and pick up the crates free of charge! Once picked up we will clean the crates and get them ready for the next customer! We hope that our service provides you with the peace of mind you need when dealing with hectic moves! 

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